Who am I ? - Why this website ?

Purposes of this web site

I intend to use this website to present my skills in computer science, and a selection of pictures using my photo book. This website respects the coding standards defined by the w3c, and is accessible for visual deficient people.

If you need an estimation for a website, some advice or simply a photographer for one of your events you can use my contact page to send me a message. You can also leave me your impression about this website, that will help me improve it for future versions.

If you are interested in photography, you can go to my online photo gallery (warning, this link will make you leave this website, use ctrl + click to open in a new tab) and leave a comment on the pictures you like.
You can also visit my photography website to have a view of my work in this domain.

Short introduction

I'm a young computer scientist, aged 32, currently working in Switzerland. Coming from Germany, I studied in France, where I got my masters degree in computer science, in September 2009 after a non-common educational path. I am fluent in English, French and German.

Interested in computers since my young age, I started programming mostly websites after buying my first computer, before deciding to make this passion to my job. Helped by a math teacher back in high school, I discovered logical programming. Afterwards I developed artificial intelligence programs for games on my calculator.

I also started really young with photography, for private purpose, evolving with technology. From film camera to digital camera, until single lens reflex cameras, my passion meets my job, allowing me to display my pictures on my online galleries.


First steps of this website, using a new design.

Random image

By clicking on this picture you will access my online gallery.